Just after the end of the war, in 1945, Francesco Favagrossa, 22 years old, having finished his studies at S. Eustacchio Mechanics School, started to collect and disassemble American soldiers' motorcycles that should have been demolished. He then used the parts so obtained in his workshop in Ghedi, where he assembled “patchwork” motorcycles, always sold out before he could finish them.

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Thirty years after, in 1975, together with his son Ennio, at that time 18 years old, who had just finished his studies, (and later also together with his other son Silvio) established FIAM, Fabbrica Italiana Arredamenti Metallici. Fiam history begins in 1975 taking over a small local company that produced weaving chairs. This was only the first step. Then everything has been changed and reorganized: products, machine tools, markets. With genius and talent, new models have been enthusiastically developed and showed during Macef fair in Milan, where they had great success. Thanks not only to the financial help of the banks, but also to the thoughtless optimism, machine tools have been renewd and production capacity improved. The adventure began.


Our products, such as BITTER, FIESTA, AMIGO and JOLLY represent the history of our company and are, still today, landmarks for garden furniture operators and for final costumers. We strongly believe and always search quality: this is the reason why we grant and vaunt that our products are 100% Made in Italy. Through attention to design and careful selection of raw materials, we want to create nice and comfortable products that represent added value in home furniture and in the work of the interior designers. The devotion to the job results in the regular and propositive presence in the factory of the founder, Mr Francesco Favagrossa, born in 1923, whose grand-children will soon join him.

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FIAM Dondolina FIAM Quick FIAM Movida FIAM Fiesta FIAM Samba FIAM Amigo FIAM Spaghetti FIAM Linda


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